How to use Appleby's website and social media to reach a wider audience.


This is a quick guide to marketing your business, events, offers and specials to residents and visitors. I'll keep this short and extend an offer to spend time with you one-on-one if you need a little bit of extra help to get started.

It's not easy to gather an audience to which you can market your products, events, offers and specials. Very few businesses will be able to gather and hold an audience on their own. However, by combining our individual messages we can create an interesting package of content.

So how can you benefit and contribute to this process. It's really quite simple (ish).

If you want to promote an event simply Tweet its details with a large format picture using the #tag #westmorlandevents. The events in the current and next month are displayed in scrolling windows on the town's home page with links to the next three months to view in Twitter. As events expire they are removed so the next event in that month is always visible.

See below for a guide on Tweeting an Event.


You can share your events via Facebook too. Select the green '31' calendar icon from the menu above. From there, select the month of your event. You will be taken to a post in the town's Facebook group where you can comment with the details of your event.


If you are creating public Facebook Events make sure you use their drop-down list of locations, e.g.. type "Appleby, Cumbria" in the location field and then select "Appleby, Cumbria, United Kingdom" from the drop-down list. Doing this means Facebook can, and will, push your event for FREE to some of the 70,000 Facebook users who live within 35 miles of Appleby.


If you are a cafe, restaurant or pub owner you can tweet using #applebyspecials. Your tweets will appear on the town's home page in a scrolling window and on the page 'places to eat and drink'. They are found under the register of cafes, restaurants and pubs. Once the offer has expired you can delete the tweet to remove it from the town's website.


If you are a shop or artisan you can tweet with #applebyoffers. Your tweets will appear on the town's home page and on the 'Shopping in and around Appleby' page. They will be displayed under the register of shops. You can remove the offer by deleting the tweet.


The little pictures that represents your shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs are fed randomly into the right-hand column of every article on the website. You can see this working in this article (see right) and in this article about Libra Fashion on Boroughgate. As we collectively write more and more articles attracting more and more visitors, your shop front will be seen by more and more people, hopefully bringing them to your business, face to face with you.


Marketing is about reaching out to new customers, gradually getting into their heads so when they need the thing you sell it's you they think of. One of the ways to do this is write about your product in a knowledgeable and engaging way. The town's website can help with that by publishing articles you write (with a bit of the editor's help). Articles like, 'The 10 best ways to...' are popular. Your article will be fed randomly into all other articles and you (your business) will be found in the writer's section of the website.


Tweeting an Event

There are various levels of effective event marketing via Twitter. As far as you can you should use as much media rich content as is available. The levels of effective tweeting, from lowest to most effective are:


Text only i.e. the bare minimum event details but with lots of pointless #tags that muddle and hide the message. Here's an example of this type of tweet for a juggling event, although it does have an engaging invitation (see 3).


Text only i.e. the bare minimum event details


An engaging invitation PLUS event details


An engaging invitation PLUS event details PLUS a digital copy of a poster meant for a notice board that contains lots of detail that are too small to read on a hand held digital device. Here's a treasure hunt.


An engaging invitation PLUS event details PLUS an interesting picture that illustrates the event. Here's a food event.


An engaging invitation PLUS event details PLUS an interesting picture that illustrates the event including minimal text to enhance the engaging invitation e.g. Quiz Night at The New Inn Brampton


An engaging invitation PLUS event details PLUS links PLUS video content e.g. snippet of a musical performance or a short video of last years event or even a video message explaining what to expect at the event. There's an example here of a musical event.


Any of the above with the tag #westmorlandevents so it will appear on this website reaching more people and helping Eden Valley to look like a place where lots of interesting stuff is going on.



I hope our combined efforts expressed through a content rich website that opens up communication between you and its readers will demonstrate to potential visitors that Appleby is obviously worth a visit. That's the goal. Get more people to visit Appleby, stay, spend money and come back for more. Take a good look around the website and if you have any ideas or need any help then feel free to contact me.

There are more website services to explain and implement but for the moment let's get into the habit of tweeting events, offers and specials. 

Regards, Oliver