Help promote Eden Valley. Put Eden Valley's or a town's events in your website.


Appleby-in-Westmorland maintains the largest collection of events in Eden Valley and its towns Appleby, Kirkby Stephen and Penrith, typically about 150 of them. The collection is always up-to-date with new events added on a daily basis.

To add events to the calendar organisers only need to tweet details of the event with the hashtag #edenvalleyevents or one of the town hashtags. This is worth their effort because:

1. Our Events Calendar ranks No.1 in Google.
2. The calendar appears on partner websites around the valley.
3. QRCodes linked to the calendar are displayed in town shop windows.

Eden Valley's calendar is easily displayed in any website using a single line of code. You can see what Eden Valley's events look like in the right hand column of this page.

The calendar's menu allows users to see events from any town or the entire valley. They can jump from month to month and join a Facebook group for that town or for the valley.

The more Cottages, Hotels and B&Bs that include the calendar, the more attractive it is for event holders to tweet using #edenvalleyevents knowing their event will be seen on many websites across the valley. The more events there are in the calendar, the more attractive it becomes for visitors to visit the valley.

The one line of code needed to display one of the calendars is available below. An event calendar is available for each town and the valley covering the area defined by three population circles around the valley's three towns.

To add a calendar to your website just click, copy and paste the code.

If your website uses Wordpress or a similar publishing tool you may need to adjust the height of the calendar. To do this replace height="100%" with, for example, height="2000" where 2000 represents the height of the calendar in pixels. Adjust the pixel height to suit the height of your page. The calendar to the right has a height of 900 pixels. If you need support please contact the

Eden Valley

Kirkby Stephen

Which ever calendar you choose, it's a win-win-win situation. Collectively we present a vibrant valley with lots of things to do. Event organisers get more people to their events and our towns and villages attract more visitors and prosperity.