Appleby-in-Westmorland walks.


These walks include a few icons to help you navigate the journey and provide a taste of what you can expect along the way. Click this icon for a video and this for a Google street view of the location.


The Appleby Eden 1.2 mile walk (map only) around Appleby and the River Eden which takes about 30 minutes, depending on how often you stop to look at some of the sights on the way.


The Appleby 'Two Rivers' 10 mile walk follows the banks of Hoff Beck and Eden River. The routs takes in Rutter Force, a spectacular, horseshoe shaped waterfall and mill.


The Appleby Castle Bank 1.3 mile walk (map only) around the edges of Appleby castle grounds crossing the River Eden on the Jubilee Foot Bridge and the primrose Stone.


The Appleby Colby Laithes 3.8 mile walk (map only) cross country, crossing the River Eden on stepping stones then following the banks of the Eden back to Appleby.


This is the Appleby pub walk (crawl) 2.6 mile (map only) taking in 10 pubs where the guests down a good ½ a pint in each.


This is the Dufton Pike walk, a 4.7 mile walk from the village to the summit of Dufton Pike and back to Dufton.